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Copywriting For Websites

Is boring website copy your downfall?

Do the words on your website wow your audience? Because there is a structure and technique to copywriting for websites, so you can’t just throw any old words on a page and hope they work.
Does your website copy contain snappy sentences, punchy paragraphs, amusing anecdotes, and conversational language?

If not, your website isn’t working as well as it could. Even worse, you’re missing out on potential clients. The copywriting on your website is your first chance to impress your audience. So make it count! 

It’s your opportunity to engage with your target audience and convert them into a loyal customer.

And if your website copywriting isn’t answering questions, informing or entertaining your audience, they’re going to bounce right out of your website and onto your competitors.

But here’s where I can help you.

I’ll make you sound FABULOUS

A little bit like a first date without the awkward silence and weirdness. We’ll get to know each over a 30-minute call, and you’ll send me your collateral and information on your services.

I’ll stalk you for a little bit (I promise not to hide outside your house in the bushes), so I get to know you and your personality.

Then, I’ll get to work writing your kick-arse copy!

Copywriting for websites

Copywriting for a basic website services pages start at $325.

All copy is original, catchy, engaging and crafted so my words sound like your words.

Only better.

Need your entire website overhauled?

Why not Book a Call here so we can brainstorm ways to make your website fabulous?

The sooner you start, the sooner your website can start making you moula!

SEO Blueprint 

Do you need help with keywords? Have ZERO idea what SEO is or where to start? Grab my SEO blueprint here and start climbing your way up the Google rankings.

copywriting for websites

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