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Thanks so much to Alison for helping with my media releases for my AIPP Emerging Photographer of the Year award. I tried to go at it by myself and didn’t have much luck. Alison came along and the next thing I know I am getting calls from my local papers! Your hard work and advice is much appreciated.
I hired Alison’s service to get our new website up and running. Although I gave her scatter dot points, Alison was able to put them into cohesive, google friendly content for my site. I would highly recommend Alison for copywriting! Thanks, Amy
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Alison is a genius at creating engaging copywriting, media releases and campaigns for my business. I usually have an idea about what I want and don’t know how to put it into words. Alison listens to me, and seems to read my mind (aka perfectly interprets my thoughts) . And she writes everything I need to get my story out there. I won’t use anyone else.
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Alison, I must thank you for the wonderful media releases you instigated for my recent winnings at the Australian Professional Photography Awards. The local newspaper, Sunshine Coast Daily ran your story in full. And then the ABC Radio Sunshine Coast picked up on it and contacted me for a 15 minute on-air interview!Over the years I have been a professional photographer, I have found it quite difficult to receive media coverage. So your skills have certainly been very obvious with the quality and level of coverage I have received this year. Well done, and many thank yous.
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Alison did a brilliant job getting my AIPP State Award wins into our local paper. Her ability to write a press release was just what was needed to get media interest. And it resulted in an almost half page feature in the Redcliffe Herald. I know that without her help it would never have happened.
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Thank you for the media release after my recent successes Alison. You were so easy to work with – just a few quick questions and you weaved your magic! Articles appeared online and in print (with the Courier Mail), which I wasn’t expecting. Thank you! Sassi Photography
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After chatting with me and asking a few questions, Alison discovered my news angle and sent out some press releases. And thanks to Alison I received recognition in two local newspapers after winning a national photography award. Alison is thorough, accurate and highly recommended.
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Alison provided the Heartfelt organisation with public relations, media and content creation. Alison designed brochures and created inspiring content to grow our national volunteer base and retain members. She also provided our organisation with a strategic communications plan for increasing membership, revenue raising and member retention. Alison created written strategies for growing our social media presence which were very successful.
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Alison did such an amazing job of my press this year. I found her to be extremely professional, reliable and was able to get me the exposure I needed for my achievements. As a result of Alison’s hard work sending out press releases, I received media coverage in local and national newspapers. I also appeared on the channel 7’s Daily Edition. I am so happy with the exposure that I received this year and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alison. I’ll definitely be using her services again in the future.
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Thank you Alison for your professional and persistent efforts to gain media coverage for the APPA’s. It’s exceedingly difficult to gain any sort of coverage from local newspapers and media outlets. But thanks to Alison, my category win and winning images were showcased in a number of local publications. And my images even featured on the cover of a popular photography magazine! Alison’s interviewing and writing skills made it happen. Alison reached a wide variety of publications and information outlets and I believe the work she did for me was extraordinary.
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Alison has been a huge asset to my Rockhampton business. I engaged her to do copywriting and write media releases for my AIPP APPA wins. I asked Alison to write a media release for me after having zero success contacting local media. Alison’s media release won over my local reporters and within days my news was in the paper. Alison always gives 110% to any project and always make time for her clients. I couldn’t recommend her services more!
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Alison is an amazing copywriter! I engaged her to proofread my client welcome booklet and a tri-fold brochure, expecting her to just pick up some spelling and grammar errors. But she went through everything with a fine tooth comb, restructured my sentences so that everything still sounds like my words, just much much clearer and concise. I was totally blown away! DO NOT spend loads of money on printing before you’ve had Alison proofread them first!
Before I found Alison to help me with my website copy I was really struggling to find a balance between sounding professional & informative whilst also being able to put my personality into my writing. I was unsure how someone else could write with my voice, so being brave enough to put the copywriting into another’s hands was a sizeable leap for me. However it was THE best decision ever. As well as just being a legend of a human being, Alison Hockings is an absolute copywriting boss! I’d recommend her to anyone who wants to take their web copy and business to the next level. I feel so much more confident sharing my website after Alison has worked her magic. Thank you!
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My writing is boring as batshit. Not even kidding. Desperate to sort my copy, I went on the hunt for help and when I found Alison I squealed like a little girl getting her first pony! She had this way of getting to the nitty gritty of who I was, what is important in my business and what I wanted to say. Then she magically puts all that into words! I have no idea how she does that, I dont understand it, but it’s FREAKIN amazing! Alison is my wordsmith, my absolute “go-to” for anything word related. Say NO to boring as batshit – call Alison. *DISCLAIMER: Alison did not help me write this BUT she has taught me that I can be cool sometimes
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Alison is amazing! We had no idea about SEO, Google Search Console or how to get our website out there on the internet. After chatting with Alison, she gave us a ‘to do’ list and a whole lot of information on how to improve our new website’s visibility. After following Alison’s instructions, our website is already doing better. Thank you Al!

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