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Blog writing services

Blog writing Services

Does the mere thought of blog writing send you screaming to the nearest corner clutching a large bottle of Grey Goose?

You’re not alone. But, lucky for you I offer awesome, personalised and original blog writing services.

Because I love blogging.

I also love Grey Goose but that’s a whole other topic.

Blogging is the best way to organically grow your audience, tell your story, promote your services and be seen as an expert in your industry.

So, if you’re not writing blogs on a regular basis, you’re missing out on opportunities to reach your target audience and increase your ranking on Google. 

Because Google is a clever beastie and loves showing people interesting, relevant  and informative blog articles.

It’s also a fantastic way to communicate with your audience, show them shiny new products, exciting offers or just entertain them with your expert knowledge.

But it’s important your blogs read well, are interesting, SEO friendly and structured for readability so you don’t bore the pants off your audience.

Because the goal of blog writing is to WOW THE PANTS OFF your reader.

Choose my awesome blog writing services and we’ll brainstorm over a 30-minute call. We’ll be chatting like old friends after a few too many Grey Goose’s (or should it be Grey Geese?) and you’ll divulge your secrets (AKA blog topics) and preferred keywords to me.

And then, just kick-back while I work my kick-arse wordy magic.

Book your call here.

Blog Writing Services Pricing  

(Additional charge for keyword research applies)

$250 – 500 words
$325 – 800 words
$450 – 1500 words (Awesome for SEO)
$550 – 2000 words (More awesome for SEO)

Included in my blog writing services:

  • Project brief to establish scope, topic and tone of voice for the project.
  • original content written to match your brand’s tone
  • 2 rounds of revisions
  • Juicy blog headline
  • Meta description, title tags, alt text and optimisation

No idea what the heck to blog about?

And what is this I speak of when I mention SEO and keywords??

And where’s that Grey Goose at?!

I can help you there too.

Want to know what to blog about and what juicy keywords your website can rank for?

Then you need my SEO Blueprint.

SEO Blueprint 

Head on over here and grab an SEO blueprint filled with fabulous keywords and juicy headlines all ready for writing your own blogs. 

blog writing services

The ULTIMATE Guide To Blogging

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