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Writing your About Page and Bios

About Pages and Bios

Do you know your About page is the second most visited page on your website?

So it’s important to show the fabulousness (yes it’s a word) of your business or service.

The About page and your Bio page are your superhero pages.

After all, if you run a small business or a service-based business, your readers want to know who you are, what your ethos is and more importantly, if you deserve their hard-earned money.

Your About page also helps your potential client gage if you’ll enjoy working together.

Or on the flipside, will working with you feel like an awkward first date?

The About page is where you can relate to your audience over a love of dogs (honestly, I judge anyone who doesn’t) and are you going to connect over a shared passion for tequila shots, espresso coffee or crazy cat videos?

Do you offer products that are locally made, support local small business and are ethically sourced?

All these facts matter and sharing them on your About page can make you more appealing to your ideal client. 

Write an awesome About page

And depending on the type of service you offer,  your About page is the place where your personality punches through the interweb like a GOD DAMN superhero and makes your reader fall in love with you.

Or at least like you enough to give you their hard-earned money.

You get to tell your story, of where your small business began.

And you can also flash your credentials around and prove to your audience you’re real, you’re relatable and above all, are an expert in your field.

Tell your story.

But it needs to be entertaining otherwise, well, snoozeville!

This is the page of your website that needs to kick some serious booty.

And I can help.

So, let’s pour ourselves a wine or coffee (whatever you fancy) and let’s discover all your awesome super-powers over a 30-minute phone call.

But first, tell me…you do like dogs, right?

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