Is the copy on your website wowing your audience? Does it contain snappy sentences, punchy paragraphs, amusing anecdotes, and conversational language?

If not, your website isn’t working as well as it could. Even worse, you’re missing out on potential clients.

The copy on your website is your first chance to impress your audience. So make it count! 

It’s your opportunity to engage with your target audience and convert them into a loyal customer.

And if your copy isn’t wowing them, it’s likely your competitor’s is.

But here’s where I come in.

Website Content

I’ll make you FABULOUS

A little bit like a first date without the awkward silence and weirdness. We’ll get to know each over a 30-minute call, and you’ll send me your collateral and information on your services.

I’ll stalk you for a little bit (I promise not to hide outside your house in the bushes), so I get to know you and your personality.

Then, I’ll get to work writing your kick-arse copy!

1-3 pages: $220 per page (approximately 800 words)
4-8 pages: $200 per page (approximately 800 words)
9-15 pages: $185 per page (approximately 800 words)

About Pages & Bios

Show me your FABULOUSNESS (yes, it’s a word)

These are your killer pages! Your readers want to know if you deserve their hard-earned money.

Will you all get along or will it be like an awkward first date?

Do you like dogs (honestly, I judge anyone who doesn’t) and are you going to connect over a shared passion for tequila shots and crazy cat videos?

This is where your personality punches through the interweb like a GOD DAMN superhero and makes your reader fall in love with you.

Or at least like you enough to give you money.

This is your page that needs to kick some serious booty.

So, let’s pour ourselves a wine (or coffee if it’s before 12) and discover all your awesome super-powers over a 30-minute phone call.

But first, tell me…you do like dogs, right?

$345 per page

Proofreading & Editing

Putting the WOW into your words

You’re almost happy with your web copy, your pricing and information but it just doesn’t wow the pants off you.

Or did you forget to put some on today?

You need more WOW in your words!

I’ll read your copy.

I’ll read it again.

Then…*pause for dramatic effect*

I’ll grab my knife (*plays serial killer music) and slash the fat out of your copy.

And unlike a serial killer, I’ll resuscitate your dull words, add some punch, a little tequila, and a dash of salt and VOILA!

It’s party time!

$95 per hour

Blogging Services

Does the mere thought of blogging send you screaming to the nearest corner clutching a large bottle of Grey Goose?

Well, lucky for you I love blogging!

I also love Grey Goose but that’s a whole other topic.

Blogging is a fantastic way to communicate with your audience, so long as you don’t bore the pants off them.

Remember the goal of writing?


Again, a 30-minute call will have us chatting like old friends after a few too many Grey Goose’s (or should it be Grey Geese?) and you’ll divulge your secrets (AKA blog topics) and preferred keywords to me.

And then, just kick-back while I work my kick-arse wordy magic.

Blog Posts 

(Additional charge for keyword research applies)

$125 – 500 words
$160 – 800 words
$195 – 1500 words (Awesome for SEO)
$250 – 2000 words (More awesome for SEO)

No idea what the heck to blog about?

And what is this I speak of when I mention SEO and keywords??

And where’s that Grey Goose at?!

The fabulous Kylie Garner can help you out!

Head on over to Kreatology and grab an SEO blueprint filled with fabulous keywords and juicy headlines all ready for blogging.