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Plagiarise Is Just Another Word For Lazy

Yep, let’s talk about THAT nasty word: plagiarise. To be honest, I find it crazy the topic needs discussing, but the sad fact is…it does! And I get it. Well,...
website copy

6 Tips On How To Write Website Copy That Doesn’t SUCK

What’s the difference between exhilarating kick-arse website copy and mundane drivel that totally sucks and compels you to pour a nightcap and slip on the flanny pjs? Me! But let’s...
Lifestyle & Hobby

16 Virtual Museum Tours To Cure Boredom

Cure Boredom With Virtual Museum Tours Damn you COVID-19 pandemic! The holiday is cancelled, I’m stuck at home, the washing’s done, the house is clean, the dog refuses to engage...

Storytelling – The Power of a Great Story

The Power of Storytelling There is a real knack to storytelling. Some people are fantastic at it, while others, well, not so much. I mean, have you ever been to...
brisbane copywriter

Brisbane Copywriter – 7 Reasons You Should Blog

I Don't Want to Be a Copywriter! Do you need a Brisbane copywriter? Because a huge part of owning a website these days is becoming an expert copywriter. Yes, yes,...
story telling

Story Telling – Why It’s So Important

The Importance Of Story Telling A few weeks ago I attended a funeral of a lovely 88 year-old man. He'd lived on our street my entire life. I knew him...
cover letter

How To Write A Kick ARSE Cover Letter

You've Found A Dream Job Who can relate? You're bored stupid in your regular job and your days are spent wistfully dreaming of a better career. A career where you...
writing emails effectively

Writing Emails Effectively

Winning People Over by Email Amy contacted me a little while ago. She'd just started a brand new job as the manger of a South Brisbane funeral home. Farewell Funerals...

Brisbane Copywriting- Words Matter!

Spelling Hi! I'm a Brisbane copywriting specialist so I am passionate about spelling and grammar. Especially for businesses. Presentation is everything when it comes to business and your website is...

The ULTIMATE Guide To Blogging

A step-by-step guide to help ease the pain and confusion blogging inflicts upon us.