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seo consultant

9 Reasons to hire a copywriter for your small business

Hiring a copywriter for your small business can save your sanity. No, I'm not even kidding. Remember when you first started your small business? I remember the excitement of starting...
how to stop procrastinating

How To Stop Procrastinating: 9 Essential Tips To Cure Procrastination

  How to stop procrastinating. It’s the evil little monkey on every creative person’s back. Holding you back, pulling your hair, whispering bitter nothings in your ear. You know what...
tone of voice

Hey! Watch your tone of voice. Or for the love of your website, use some!

Tone of voice. Anyone with a teenager, who’s met a teenager or stood in the vicinity of a teenager with a parent, is bound to have heard: ‘Don’t you use...

Plagiarise Is Just Another Word For Lazy

Yep, let’s talk about THAT nasty word: plagiarise. To be honest, I find it crazy the topic needs discussing, but the sad fact is…it does! And I get it. Well,...
website copy

6 Tips On How To Write Website Copy That Doesn’t SUCK

How to write website copy that doesn't suck This is the eternal question. How do you make the copy on your website NOT suck? How do you write website copy...
Lifestyle & Hobby

16 Virtual Museum Tours To Cure Boredom

Cure Boredom With Virtual Museum Tours Damn you COVID-19 pandemic! The holiday is cancelled, I’m stuck at home, the washing’s done, the house is clean, the dog refuses to engage...

Storytelling – The Power of a Great Story

The Power of Storytelling There is a real knack to storytelling. Some people are fantastic at it, while others, well, not so much. I mean, have you ever been to...
brisbane copywriter

7 Reasons why blogging is important

I don't want to be a writer I hear you. Not everyone enjoys writing. In fact, everyone who employs my services hate writing.  But it's a large part of running...
story telling

Story Telling – Why It’s So Important

The Importance Of Story Telling A few weeks ago I attended a funeral of a lovely 88 year-old man. He'd lived on our street my entire life. I knew him...
cover letter

How To Write A Kick ARSE Cover Letter

You've Found A Dream Job Who can relate? You're bored stupid in your regular job and your days are spent wistfully dreaming of a better career. A career where you...
writing emails effectively

How to write emails that win

Winning People Over by Email There's a certain knack to writing. Some people are great with words but when it comes to communicating their message, they kind of fall over....

Brisbane Copywriting- Words Matter!

Spelling Mistakes - How embarrassing  When it comes to writing for your business, it's the little things that matter. Like correct spelling. It's your professional persona. I mean, as a...

The ULTIMATE Guide To Blogging

A step-by-step guide to help ease the pain and confusion blogging inflicts upon us.