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I don’t want to be a writer

I hear you. Not everyone enjoys writing. In fact, everyone who employs my services hate writing.  But it’s a large part of running a business. And one of the best ways to be found on the internet, is blogging. Which is why blogging is important when it comes to having a website.

A huge part of owning a website these days is becoming an expert at selling yourself. And unfortunately for all you haters of writing, it means blogging.

Yes, yes, I can almost hear the collective sigh. And I don’t blame you.

Having to do all your own copywriting, blogging and content creation can be such a boring task. And it consumes so much time.

And time that could be better spent elsewhere and things you enjoy or make you money.

The idea of blogging actually makes most people cranky.

brisbane copywriter

But there are many people, like me, who love blogging.

We’re weird I know.

But I love helping with all the boring stuff like blog posts.

Because whether you like it or not, writing blog posts are an important part of your website and finding your ideal clients.

In fact, writing at least 1-2 blog posts per month will help you rank on Google.

But they can’t just be any old blog. 

You need to offer quality content, informative content, relevant information and make sure it’s enjoyable, or easy, to read.

And the more you blog, the more traffic your website will attract.

Stand Out From The Crowd – Brisbane Copywriter

Why is it important to be a frequent blogger?

Because there are so many businesses competing online.

How will you ever get noticed?

Well, for starters, a blog helps your potential customers find you in search engines.

Imagine your business is in a giant shopping mall with thousands of other shops.

And every shopfront is exactly the same.

Except for that one little shop with the colourful flags outside and a friendly person handing out free samples and excellent advice.

Well, that’s exactly how blogging works on the internet. It helps you to stand out from the crowd.

And if you’re a great blogger, it’ll soon boost your ranking on Google.

brisbane copywriter

Gone are the days of having a static webpage.

It’s all about blogging and adding more content to your website.

Your website needs to not only inform people, but educate, inspire, promote, entertain and market your business.

And that is a lot of extra work for a small business.

Not everyone can write well and not everyone has the time to spend writing a blog post every day or week.

So, this is where a copywriter, like me *waves hand*, can help you get your business noticed out in the webisphere!

Let Customers Know Who You Are

Another great reason to write blogs is the opportunity to show your personality.

People want to know who you are and who they’re potentially going to spend their hard-earned money with.

Writing blogs is a great way to build a relationship with people you haven’t even met.

Just think of it as having a conversation with your friends.

Talk to them about what you do, joke with them and share your industry knowledge with them.

Blogging is an opportunity to show you’re an expert in your chosen field.

And if you post regular blogs that are interesting, well-written and helpful, it will encourage visitors to return to your website.

And a good copywriter will work with you to ensure that it’s your voice and your personality that come across in blog posts.

After all, you want the reader to get to know you right?

A good copywriter will write exactly how you want to sound.

If you need help with your writing, get in touch here.

Brisbane Copywriter – Boost Your SEO

Confession…I’m addicted to writing blogs.

Actually, I’m quite competitive by nature, so I find it a challenge to help my clients boost their Google ranking.

Because blogs increase your SEO.

If you don’t know what SEO is, it stands for ‘search engine optimisation’.

It’s the process of generating ‘free’ traffic to your website by writing interesting and new content and using targeted keywords.

Because Google likes to be helpful.

 Think of Google as your virtual librarian.

It WANTS to help you find what you’re looking for.

So, if your website has new and informative content, Google will offer your website to those people who are searching for your keywords.

Now many people don’t understand SEO so there are specialists who can help you come up with specific keywords related to your industry.

Once you have these keywords, you can start planning your blog posts.

For more information on getting an SEO blueprint for your business, get in touch here

I love all things SEO and can create an SEO blueprint for you to help you get started.

Because whether you enjoy copywriting or not, providing new and interesting content is still the best way to beat your competitors in Google search results.

And best of all, it’s FREE.

brisbane copywriter

Be Helpful and Informative

Now, many people go searching for information on topics that are related to your industry.

They might not even be ready to spend money yet.

But if they stumble across your website that has an amazing article that answers their question, you might have gained a future client without even trying.

Providing helpful information on anything related to your services will help you stand out from your competitors.

It’s not all about spruiking your services after all.

It’s about providing a service for free.

For example, a tree lopping and yard maintenance business may provide information on how to keep your yard safe in fire season.

By sharing your knowledge in blog posts, your website will become a ‘go-to’ for those seeking advice.

And so, your traffic increases. WINNING.

Cross Promote

Cross promotion is great for business.

We all have business associates that complement our products or services.

A blog post is a great opportunity to create some goodwill with these associates.

So why not write a blog post that highlights other businesses?

Give them a little ‘shout-out’ on your website.

And don’t forget to send these businesses a link to your blog post.

Not only does this provide a source of information to your potential customers, these businesses may return the favour for your business.

At the very least, they may refer customers your way.

This helps to increase your traffic, but it also adds backlinks to your website.

And backlinks boost your SEO.

Another win.

Free Social Media Content

With all this talk about blog posts, we can’t overlook social media.

Your social media content will be a breeze once you’ve created your blog post.

All you have to do is a quick ‘copy and paste’ of juicy bits of information from your blog and your social media is set for the week.

And every blog post written is an opportunity to go viral on social media, as well as another opportunity to drive more traffic to your website.

Be a Leader in Your Field

And the fact is, if you are regularly writing informative and helpful blogs, you and your business will soon become seen as an expert in your field.

And all you need to do is write.

It sounds simple right?

Well, with a good copywriter, it can be done.

So, get cracking and drop me an email here.

Let’s have a chat and find out how we can make you, and your business famous.

Well, at least we’ll give your Google ranking a boost.

What’s The Cost of A Blog Post?

The cost of a blog post is dependent on the word count, the writer’s experience and their fee structure.

Obviously, more words are better for your SEO ranking, but even a smaller blog post can help lift your website profile if written well.

The cost of a blog varies and it’s important to employ a reputable copywriter for this service.

There are many cheap bloggers who pump out duplicate content but it’s unoriginal, lacks personality (particularly yours) and there’s no guarantee you’re not purchasing a blog that’s already on someone else’s website.

So don’t go for the cheap option. Choose the best option.

If you’d like to learn more about my service, drop me a line here.


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