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Hiring a copywriter for your small business can save your sanity.

No, I’m not even kidding.

Remember when you first started your small business? I remember the excitement of starting my second small business as a copywriter. The excitement of embarking on a grand adventure was palpable. I had visions of being my own boss, having fabulous lunches with potential clients, getting dressed-up for work, working my own hours, running my own ship, and possibly, one day, having my very own crew.

I just need an eye patch, the rum, and a parrot, and I’m all set!

The ugly truth about small business


WHAT was I thinking? Because the reality of running a small business is, it’s freaking hard work!  I mean, it is a relentless beast.

Like a 2-year-old in a toy store.

It can drive you to day drink. And that’s before COVID.

Because there are no fabulous lunches with clients or getting dressed up. Honestly, some of my best work is done in my pyjamas because, what’s the point? I don’t have an office to go to and working as a copywriter is about as isolated a career as you can get. Well, that and photography which is my other career.

And I work ALL THE TIME. There’s always an email to answer, a blog post to write, a call to make, a website to tweak or keyword research and optimisation to be done.

It’s relentless!

Self-Care is important


What I do know is, self-care is important. You really can’t pour from an empty cup. Or wine glass. On days when it’s all too overwhelming, I’ll give myself a mental health day, curl up on the couch with my dogs, my wine and binge Netflix.

And while running a small business is exciting, liberating, and sometimes, utterly soul destroying, there comes a time when you realise, you just can’t do everything.


Do what you’re awesome at, outsource the rest


For example, I know NOTHING about cars. I know where the oil, water and fuel go, and I could possibly change a flat tyre if my life depended on it.

But when would it?

A serial killer’s going to murder me if I don’t change his flat tyre?

I’m better off clunking him on the head with my tyre iron and outrunning the sicko.

Because I love to box, do a mean uppercut, and I can run.

But flat tyres? Nope.

So, I know my strengths.

And the same applies with running a small business. Without the serial killer. You need to acknowledge what you’re good at and outsource the rest.

Case point. I SUCK at design. Of any description. So, I don’t even attempt to design my own website.

I look at websites I love and send links off to my designer with an email:

‘Please make my website pretty like this one’.

Because I know I could spend 12 hours tweaking my website, (and doing a bad job of it) or I could pay someone who knows their craft, can do it in a third of the time, and do it well.

In the meantime, I can be doing what I’m good at. I’m writing, doing SEO research, taking photos (my other gig) and doing my thang!

Everyone CAN write, but can they do it well? Hire a small business copywriter


Sometimes we just need to stop trying to do it all.

It’s an impossible task, it’s exhausting, mentally crippling and is the quickest route to the couch, with dogs, wine, and Netflix.

AKA, mental burn out.

It’s okay to acknowledge what we can’t do.

And the fact is, writing is one of those mundane, yet vital tasks for every small business owner.

Because writing is in emails, sales pages, websites, social media posts, information brochures…the list is endless.

Which is why outsourcing your writing to a small business copywriter can save your sanity, decrease your workload, and increase your revenue.

Huh? What? How?

Well, let me tell you.

1.      Copywriting is a Skill


Yes, it’s true. Copywriting is a skill just like any other.

I mean, I own a pair of hairdressing scissors, but you don’t want me cutting your hair.

There is strategy and intent behind each piece of copywriting for business and if writing isn’t one of your strengths, it can be detrimental to your business.

Persuasive and engaging copy on your website or sales pages can turn browsers into buyers.

And that means more dollars for you.

2.      A Copywriter Can Make You Money


Yep. It’s as simple as that. Although you may not even realise the results of hiring a professional copywriter.

I mean, how can you accurately measure the impact of professionally crafted, engaging prose on your website versus basic, correctly spelt, yet somewhat boring, words on your website?

You probably can’t.

So, your return on investment is one of those invisible and immeasurable quantities.

But consider this. You only need to nab one or two clients through a cleverly crafted email, entertaining blog post or persuasive sales pitch, and you’ve got your investment back.

And that same copy will continue to earn you money.

It’s a win-win.

3.      A Copywriter Can Strengthen Your Brand Voice


I know lots of small business owners, and the majority of them are pretty darn awesome at their craft.

However, when it comes to writing and conveying their awesomeness on their websites, sales pages, emails, and blogs, they kinda fall down in a heap.

Like, they’ve had a few too many tequilas, type of heap.

Because the simple fact is, it’s so hard to write about yourself.

Even I have someone look over my website to see if I sound awesome or if I sound like a wang.

Is there anything worse than sounding like a total wang?

But a professional copywriter can help you refine your brand voice, polish your copy, and add your tone of voice so it’s playful, humorous, or businesslike.

So do what you’re awesome at and outsource what you’re not.

4.      More Time For Fun Things


Because remember. You’re not a superhero and you can’t do everything yourself.

I know. I’ve tried and failed.

It’s how I managed to watch an entire season of Big Little Lies (which is amazing by the way).

I became totally overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work I was trying to do.

So, I gave work the big ‘EFF YOU’ and collapsed in a heap on my couch with my dogs.

And now I outsource what I can.

Web design. Gone!

Mowing the lawn. Not a chance.

If you spend an entire week writing all the copy for your webpages, think about the productive, money-earning tasks you weren’t doing.

And remember, a copywriter will write with intent, strategy, personality, and your tone of voice.

So no one will even know you didn’t write it.

small business copywriter

5.      Goodbye To Spelling Errors


Eeek! Have you ever posted something online, sent an email or published a blog post, only to discover a spelling error?

I have. In fact, we’ve all done it.

But you can say goodbye to embarrassing typos and grammatical errors when you hire a copywriter.

We are ridiculously obsessed with spelling and grammar and go over our work meticulously to make sure it’s free from all errors.


6.      Original and Crafted Content Just For You


Now, there are places online where you can hire cheap copywriters to write blogs for you.

But the trouble is, there are no guarantees you’re getting original content.

And it certainly won’t have your tone or personality.

It’s far too easy to ‘copy and paste’ someone else’s content, pass it off as an original blog post and you’re none the wiser.

But Google knows. It’s a clever beastie.

And then you run the risk of not ranking at all for you blog post.

Even worse, there are programmes like Quetext that check for plagiarised content so there’s a good chance you’ll get caught out by the original author.

Oh the shame!

So consider hiring a professional copywriter who takes the time to find out your tone, your personality and asks questions about your business.

7.      SEO And Google Love

Oooh, this is a good one.

If you hire a copywriter who’s an SEO expert, they can help boost your ranking on Google.

We know all about keywords, SEO, and research what people are searching for in your industry so we can write about relevant topics.

SEO is an ever-changing, mind-boggling beast so if you don’t understand how SEO works, a copywriter can be a gamechanger for your small business.

seo copywriting services

8.      We Can Make Anything Sound Interesting


It’s true. We can make ‘How to Paint a Bedroom Wall’ sound interesting.

Sure, some topics are so inane and boring it’s challenging.

A bit like saying no to wine and not patting every single dog I walk past.

But we writers do like a challenge, and we’re darn good at polishing dull topics into riveting articles.


9.      Become an Authority in Your Field


Brand positioning. Everyone wants to be numero uno, number one, the top dog, King or Queen of their industry, right?

How can you do that if you’re not constantly posting content everywhere?

Todays small business owners need to be everywhere, all the time. Omnipresent. Ubiquitous.

Not only that, you need to sound like you know your stuff.

Be a thought leader, an expert, a know-it-all, but a likeable one.

It’s literally impossible to stay on top of it all.

But a copywriter can help grow your online presence by creating original content for you to use across all platforms.

So you can be everywhere, all the time.


And before long, you’ll reach celebrity-like status on the interwebs.

But without the creepy stalkers.

small business copywriter

Are you convinced?

Now if these aren’t enough reasons to hire a copywriter for your small business, then I’ve got nothing!

Zilch. Nada. Zip.

But if you’ve read this article, had an epiphany, and realised YES, you need a copywriter in your life, dop me a line here.

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