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Spelling Mistakes – How embarrassing 

When it comes to writing for your business, it’s the little things that matter. Like correct spelling. It’s your professional persona. I mean, as a Brisbane copywriting specialist, can you imagine if my own website was filled with grammatical and spelling mistakes?

Oh the shame and humiliation of it all. So one of my things is,  I’m a complete word nerd when it comes to spelling and grammar. Especially for other small business owners like me. Presentation is everything when it comes to business and your website, emails and promotional material are no different. And while it’s important to be professional with your writing, you also want to write with personality and character. Engaging copy and professional writing are what makes your audience connect with you. So, how bad do you think it looks if your running an online business and you have spelling errors?

Did you see what I did there? I made a deliberate spelling mistake. Obviously I meant ‘you’re’ running a business because it’s a contraction of ‘you are’.  But how credible would I look as professional copywriter if my website had that spelling error. In fact, it’s one of the most misused words in the English language and it completely changes the meaning of what you’re trying to say. For example…

Brisbane copywriting

See what I mean? Now, correct spelling and engaging copy is important across all platforms but particularly for businesses. You can be excused for typos on Facebook. Sometimes we all have ‘fat finger syndrome’ or have too many wines when posting a reply. Yet sloppy spelling and typos on your business page, website, blogs and emails reflect poorly on yourself as a professional business person. Do not underestimate the power of the typed word. It can boost your credibility and just as easily undermine it.

Bad Writing = Missed Opportunities

Spelling mistakes are costing you money and opportunities. Imagine, you send out your resume to your dream job. You just know that the job is perfect for you. You’re experienced, qualified and would be amazing in the role. Now, imagine this potential employer is inundated with resumes’ from people just as qualified and just as perfect for the job as you. What will make you stand out? Well, if your resume’ has a typo or a spelling mistake I guarantee that will be the difference between you and the next applicant with impeccable spelling and grammar, getting the job.

The same applies for your website. Personally, if I’m reading a business’s website and come across spelling errors…I’m out of there. The fact is, if you’re sending out copy with the intent of gaining employment or wanting someone to employ your services, you should always have someone proofread your copy for spelling and grammatical errors.

There is always room to create more engaging concise copy and this is what I love to do for my clients. I help them polish their copy while keeping their own voice & style.

If you’d like help refining your copywriting and free yourself of those ghastly spelling errors, please drop me a line here.

I look forward to writing with you!

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Alison is a Brisbane copywriting specialist. Alison has a Degree in Communications and a passion for public relations and journalism. If you’re in need of a copywriter who is a legend at professional writing, get in touch here.


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